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ERPX offers Cloud ERP and Mobile ERP products suite that targets a wide range of industries and integrate with various business management softwares such as accounting and financial management, distribution, manufacturing, inventory, sales, project management, CRM, trading, retail, automobile, construction, supply chain, e-Commerce, reporting and business intelligence.

Our products are designed with a mobile-first user interface approach to achieve seamless workflows to allow our customers access the software from anywhere and to accelerate business performance by streamlining mission-critical processes.

Custom ERP Mobile Apps

At ERPX we use the device agnostic approach, coupled with latest technologies and frameworks, we go an extra mile by designing and developing custom ERP Mobile Apps specifically tailored to your business processes.

Cloud and Mobile ERP Features and Advantages

  • Application security
  • Real-time remote access
  • Global project management
  • Mobile API
  • Intrinsic geo-location
  • Universal document publishing
  • System-wide communications tools
  • Cloud Storage
  • Improved Data Quality
  • Greater Visibility
  • Competitive Advantage
  • System Agility
  • Adopt a single system that brings together employees, partners, & customers while reducing costs
  • Increase productivity and make better decisions utilizing real-time data whenever you need it
  • Empower your users work and access secure information anytime, anywhere
  • Improve information integrity & availability while promoting collaboration
  • Gain greater business insight allowing your organization to respond & adapt to changing circumstances more quickly
  • Minimize maintenance costs and simplify training

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