Distribution Management System

Our DMS offers comprehensive distribution management software for wholesale, distributors, traders, retailers of FMCG & packaged Goods. It covers billing, inventory, customer management, supplier management, return management, purchase, accounting, schemes and offer management, etc.

Erpx Distribution Management System or DMS was designed to meet the FMCG, CPG and distribution business challenges and demands to bring about cost effectiveness and increase profitability.

The VAT compliant distribution ERP software and CRM software provided by Erpx are known for their quick deployment and ease of use. They can be customized to fit the requirements of any business organization and tailored to suit specific necessities. With comprehensive modules that cover all business functions, the ERP and CRM solutions are integrated as one-stop solutions that empower organizations so that they don’t have to invest in multiple software platforms.

Distribution and supply chains are the backbone of all industries and encounter multi-faceted challenges. These challenges range from long term operational difficulties to the unpredictable nature of local, national and international markets. Distribution companies also face problems in material handling mismanagement and imbalances in inventory, order picking, and space utilization.

ERPX DMS is the perfect answer for addressing the diverse needs of fast moving consumer goods company. Our distribution management system (DMS) will help the promotions control, improves productivity, and streamlines inventory. Besides that, we can also give the accurate and reliable information for your secondary sales

Execute the best trade and brand promotions for targeting the right consumer through the right channel with the best combination of products, price, placement and promotions. Enable you to develop winning campaigns with an overview of trade investments, spending and profitability.

Design optimum routes and let you decide the most appropriate one. Choose the efficient and effective way to reach your customers in the right time. We ensure that the store will be visited based on the designated frequency for enabling salesman to achieve his sales target.

Make the distributor inventory position is transparent for the principal. With the accurate information of stock on hand, secondary sell out and stock in transit, you can ensure the appropriate stock all the time and preventing the unnecessary stocks.

Distribution Management Features

  • Outstanding & Reminders
  • Multi Series Provisions
  • Inventory entry wise series
  • Separate default series for Retail/Wholesale, Tax/Retail, Cash/Credit, etc
  • Series for Receipt/Payment/All/Both
  • SMS on bill generation
  • SMS of due amount (outstanding)
  • Stock & Inventory
  • Graphical Presentation
  • Vat Records.
  • Account Master setup with Account group and beat (Area) planning.
  • Item Specification with Group, Sub Group, Batch setup, Vat Classification, Scheme and Discount Setup and many more
  • Party wise Item Rate Setup.
  • Billing with various feature like net rate billing, conversion from challan, various print format and lots of feature.
  • Ledger with various format like simple, 2 column, itemized ledger etc..
  • Various Reporting based on master, sales, purchase, stock, accounts.

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